Mix Mornings


Steph has been an upbeat, cheerful and passionate member of our Fort McMurray community for over six years now. Aside from being the co-host for Mix mornings with Steph & Shawn, she loves helping in the community through various committees and events. Steph also loves entertaining friends, attempting new kitchen creations and spending time on the lake, by the fire or on the couch with her husband Sky.



Shawn is someone who wants to be a part of every conversation. New to the community, you can see him getting fans pumped up at Oil Barons games as the man-in-the-stands. Bring up sports, and you just made yourself a new best friend. Other things he’s passionate about are dogs, the mountains, craft beer and trying all the foods. Oh yeah, he loves his pedicures too.

You can follow me on all the socials @shaawwwnnn