August’s Winner – Hattie Pattie

Hattie Pattie was nominated multiple times for her community work.  She and her mom Jennifer Knuth are huge community helpers and friends to all animals. Hattie is about to get a bronze medal for donating blood five times and saving 15 animal’s lives at the Canadian Animal Blood Bank. She also has raised thousands for the SPCA by participating in the locked in a kennel event and by being the star of the books her mom Jennifer wrote about her.  She is a great communicator and has a talking pad she presses word buttons on to say what she’s looking for and goes around town making everyone she meets day.  Hattie currently is fundraising money to help provide Kong toys to all her dog friends at the SPCA.  You can follow along with this four legged community champion on her instagram account: @hattiepattiethegoldenchild

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