Boil Water Advisory Lifted for Abasand, Parsons Creek, and Thickwood

The boil water advisory is being lifted for more parts of the RMWB.

The municipality announced on Thursday those who live or work in Abasand, Parsons Creek, and Thickwood, including Dickinsfield and Wood Buffalo, can now consume their water normally.

Residents are being told to flush their taps for five minutes and ensure all equipment with water line connections like refrigerator ice and water dispensers are drained, flushed, cleaned, and disinfected according to manufacturers’ recommendations.

They should also run water softeners through a regeneration cycle according to manufacturers recommendations, drain and refill hot water heaters that have been set below 45 degrees Celsius, and flush, drain, clean and disinfect cisterns.

The final phase, which includes Beacon Hill, Gregoire, Prairie Creek, Saprae Creek, Timberlea including Eagle Ridge and Stone Creek,  and Taiga Nova Eco-Industrial Park is expected to be completed in the next one to three weeks.

The Lower Townsite had their advisory lifted earlier this week.

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