24 Bear Sightings Across Fort McMurray

The number of bear sightings across Fort McMurray is on par with previous years.

Alberta Fish and Wildfire Officers have been called 24 times since April 15.

Nine had to be either relocated around 100 km away from the community or euthanized as they were deemed a ‘problem bear.’

Fish and Wildlife Officer Alex Dayman tells Mix News bears are very active in the spring as they’re fresh off hibernation.

“There’s lots of good green space in Fort McMurray that they like to hangout in and find food, early in the year they’re hitting powerlines where there’s dandelions and early growth.”

Depending on where you spot a bear, there are tips to make sure you remain safe.

If spotted in a neighbourhood, residents should stay as far away as possible and move inside. They can also call the Report-A-Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.

Dayman says there are different things people can do if they come face to face while enjoying nature.

“You can always make noise when you’re walking through the trails, carrying bear spray on you – that’s always good.”

Many of the bears who do wonder into the community are mainly looking for food. Residents can limit unwanted guests from their home by making sure they don’t leave garbage, bird feeder, and dog food outside.

“No one wants to see us having to euthanize bears, we want to have happy bears hanging around and good ones we don’t have to deal with,” added Dayman.

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