Nearly 50,000 Voted in Fort McMurray-Cold Lake

This federal election saw the biggest number of voters ever across Canada.

Nearly 17.9 million people voted on Monday, just eclipsing the 17.7 million in 2015.

Despite the high number, this only represented around 66 per cent of eligible voters, marking one of the lowest turnouts over the country’s 152 year history.

During the advance polls, around 4.7 million people voted, a 29 per cent increase from the previous election four years earlier.

Overall, around nine million Canadians didn’t cast a ballot.

Locally, just under 50,000 voted in the riding of Fort McMurray-Cold Lake, which represented approximately 63 per cent of the eligible voters.

Incumbent David Yurdiga did receive 80 per cent of the vote.

Over 28,000 local eligible voters didn’t take part in the election.

Meanwhile, these numbers do not take into account those who registered on election day.

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