Construction on Trans Mountain Expected to Start Within 30 Days

Construction on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project is expected to start in the coming weeks.

Trans Mountain Corporation announced on Wednesday they’ve issued a ‘notice to proceed’ to a number of contractors allowing them to start gathering equipment, hire workers, and more.

They’re being given 30 days to complete this before work would start in communities along the route.

“With the first wave of regulatory approvals complete, we are confident that we have a path forward by which the Expansion Project construction can commence,” said Ian Anderson, President and CEO of Trans Mountain Corporation, in a release.

The company expects to receive permits and approvals for all the remaining construction areas in the coming months.

An estimated 4,200 workers are expected to be hired by the end of the year.

“Clearly this project has been subjected to numerous delays and setbacks over the past several years,” added Anderson.

“With today’s announcement on the commencement of construction, I firmly believe that we are finally able to start delivering the significant national and regional benefits we have always committed to,” adds Anderson.

The project is now expected to be completed by mid-2022.

Meanwhile, Premier Jason Kenney is calling the announcement a good step forward.

In a statement, he says they can’t celebrate until shovels officially hit the ground and the delays against the project are stopped.

“As Trans Mountain begins to prepare for its construction restart, the federal and local authorities must ensure the rule of law is enforced and that construction is not illegally blocked,” he added.

“History has shown us that there are a small minority of individuals who are willing to break the law to prevent responsible resource development in Canada, and they must not be allowed to essentially veto a project that is vitally important – not only to Alberta but to all of Canada.”

Kenney also believes construction should have started months ago.

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