Environment Canada Recants “Wettest Summer Ever” Reports

It may not be the rainiest summer in Fort McMurray ever – after all.

Last Wednesday, Environment Canada reported we were 15mm shy of the wettest summer in history, as they had calculated over 360mm through the last two months.

Meteorologist Blaine Lowry tells Mix News an erroneous error lead them to miscalculate the amount of rain they actually had in July.

“The amount of rain we received in July was actually around 82.6 millimetres, so, that still puts us at a good roughly 90-95 millimetres off the record.”

Lowry adds this doesn’t mean the record is unattainable.

He says while the calculations were off, beating the record is still within reach.

“So far this month, we’ve already seen 19 millimetres. So, you can basically make that about 70-odd millimetres to go. With a couple of thunderstorms rolling over – it’s definitely possible but there’s still quite a way to go.”

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