Midwifery Services Expected in Wood Buffalo By End of Year

Soon to be mothers may soon be able to choose how they want to deliver their babies.

Director of Midwifery for the Edmonton Zone Heather Martin will be coming here to work with the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre to help the hospital set up protocols for future midwifery practices.

Co-Chair of the Wood Buffalo Woman and Baby Care Association Kayla Lushman tells Mix News having this partnership will ensure women have the best care possible.

“If a client starts a home birth and the midwife sees that a transfer to the hospital would be more appropriate for that particular client then the midwife will be able to go with that client and actually still continue the care and work with OBs and the nurses in the hospital.”

The WBWBCA notes the demand for midwifery services has been around for at least three decades. Women who wanted to use a midwife would have to leave the community with the closest practice in Lac La Biche.

“By not having options for women, women don’t have autonomy – if there’s only one option you don’t really have a choice,” added Lushman.

She adds Alberta Health Services is hoping Martin’s work will be finished by the end of November with a practice opening up soon after.

-With files from Elizabeth Priest

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