Report: Suncor, CNRL Reducing GHG Intensity Levels

Two of Canada’s biggest oil companies are seeing decreases in their greenhouse gas emission intensity levels.

Suncor Energy and Canadian Natural Resources Limited both released reports on sustainability last week which outlines their environmental, social, and economic performance in the previous year.

In Suncor’s case, they did see an 11 per cent increase in GHG levels year-over-year, however, intensity levels were down around two per cent.

A big reason for both numbers was their Fort Hills site which has been producing since January 2018.

The new site has added onto their emissions but has limited its impact through their new less energy and carbon-intensive extraction process which removes carbon from the oil before it’s sent to market.

Suncor is also planning to reduce their emission intensity levels by 30 per cent by 2030 through implementing and improving energy efficiency, developing new technologies, investing in low-carbon power, and moving to low-carbon fuels.

Meanwhile, CNRL is reporting a 20 per cent decrease in intensity levels since 2014.

The company has lowered its numbers through different projects, many happening at their Horizon site north of Fort McMurray.

CNRL also has a goal of reducing all their emissions in their oilsands operations, however, they didn’t outline a date this could possibly happen by.

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