“That’s McMurray’s History” Residents Share Thoughts on Future of Downtown

One of the most asked questions across Wood Buffalo continues to be ‘what to do with the downtown core?’

The municipality recently held engagement sessions and has also launched an online survey looking to get public feedback.

Mix News decided to hit the streets to see what people thought about downtown.

What would you like done to revamp the area?

“Maybe more activities for kids to do and everything like that.”

“I would rather have something that the family can do rather than going out of town.”

“I think it would be nicer to have a public fun place, something of entertainment and sorts.”

“Clean it up, just more shopping – a reason to go down there.”

How often do you find yourself downtown?

“Only when I have to, generally if we’re going somewhere specific like down to the theatre or if I have to go to Walmart of Canadian Tire.”

“I don’t anymore since I don’t work there anymore.”

“I generally just find myself downtown if there’s something down there I can’t find (uptown).”

Do you think the municipality should be spending this much time focusing on downtown?

“That’s McMurray’s history, it’s important to save it.”

“I think it’s a good idea, get people downtown more.”

“It’s not fair for people who live on the south side to have to come all the way to Timberlea if they want to get anything.”

“I think if you get the right people in there with the right ideas, definitely, anything is possible.”

Meanwhile, the municipality plans on collecting all the feedback and preparing a report for Wood Buffalo council after their summer recess.

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