Fort McMurray Couple Raises Over $7K For Mental Health Through Cross Country Bike Ride

A Fort McMurray couple has raised over $7,000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

David and Rochelle Hynes rode their bike coast to coast over the past couple of weeks to help raise funds and awareness.

The pair started in British Columbia on June 23, heading out east to New Brunswick and Newfoundland – before driving back to Fort McMurray.

Rochelle tells Mix News mental health, in one or another, has played a part in both of their lives.

“We lost three people in our circle of friends to suicide, so we were talking and decided we needed to put our foot down and something needs to be done.”

The ride was also a way for them to get people talking about mental health, helping end the stigma around it.

David says they’ve noticed men are more likely just to bottle their issues up.

“Women are more open to talking about mental health and men ‘we’re the tough guys and we got to try and keep it all in’ but that’s not the case.”

The pair plan on making this an annual tradition, bringing their family along for the ride next year.

Meanwhile, donations can be made to the couple’s cause on their GoFundMe page ‘A Ride Down AddyLayne.’ 

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