Memorial Ride For Lost Lives On Highway 63 Enters Eighth Year

The 8th annual Highway 63 Memorial Ride is set to take place next week.

Over 100 people riding bikes, cars and other vehicles will be driving 100 kilometres down the highway bearing with them a flag containing the names of all those who’ve been killed on the road.

Founder Annie Leliever lost her son Jason to the road in 2011 – which was followed by the death of her ex-husband John.

She tells Mix News the highway has always been notorious for taking lives.

“That’s the only reason the highway got twinned. Nobody would’ve gotten out during evacuation in 2016 if it hadn’t had been twinned. So, that’s the whole focus of the memorial ride is to make people aware of how many lives we’ve already lost on the highway.”

The ride began in 2011, following Jason’s death and led Leliever to petition having Highway 63 twinned.

Work on the highway was completed in 2016.

Leliever says her son’s passing was her motivation to kickstart the memorial ride.

“Once I lost my son, I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I lost everything, my whole world. The highway was promised to us in 2006 and it should’ve been done by 2012. My push is to just not lose any more lives.”

The ride falls on July 17, which also happens to be Jason’s birthday.

“It helps me focus on positives and focus on trying to enjoy his day for him since he’s not here to enjoy it himself. And the only way I knew how to enjoy anything was to ride, so, I decided to ride for him.”

Leliever notes that all types of motor vehicles are welcome to join – not just motorcyclists.

Riders will be leaving the Casman Centre next Wednesday at 7 p.m.

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