Lobbying Efforts Taking Place For Wood Buffalo Ahead of Federal Election

The municipality is planning to lobby each federal party ahead of the upcoming election.

Canadians head to the polls on or before October 21.

Before this happens, Mayor Don Scott wants to share concerns, issues, and ideas for future projects with each party to give them a better idea of the needs of the region.

He tells Mix News he’s hoping each party understands the importance of our region.

“I’m hoping they all say something about this region because this region is so important to Canada, so they better make some sort of commitment about making sure this region is supported.”

Maxime Bernier, Leader of the Peoples Party of Canada, was in Fort McMurray earlier this week, however, he wasn’t able to meet with Scott due to scheduling issues.

Scott plans to send a letter to each leader, including Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer of the Progressive Conservatives, and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, encouraging each to visit the region.

“This region has not been supported the way it should be. If you look around, there’s not the federal investment in this region you would naturally think there should be given the output this region produces,” said Scott.

The big focus in the lobbying efforts will be construction on the East Clearwater Highway.

Wood Buffalo council recently identified the project as the region’s number one transportation priority.

“That could be done with a partnership with the federal government and the provincial government and there’s no reason that can’t happen,” Scott added.

Scott notes he doesn’t want to make a list of wants, but rather focus their efforts on pitching the proposed project.

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