Mayor Scott Meeting With Federal Minister Sohi About Energy Sector

Mayor Don Scott is taking a trip down south to speak with the Federal Minister of Natural Resources.

A meeting between Minister Amarjeet Sohi and communities a part of the ‘Municipalities for Energy Action Group’ is taking place on Wednesday in Edmonton where they’re expected to speak about getting more support for the energy industry.

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters, Scott says this meeting is about ensuring Alberta’s needs are answered on a federal level.

“We are going to remind (Sohi) of the importance of this region and all of Alberta and that his government, the liberal government, needs to start supporting Albertans and do that in a very aggressive way.”

Bill C-69, which is broadening the process for project approvals, and Bill C-48, the tanker ban bill, are expected to be some of the major talking points during the meeting.

Scott also believes the Trans Mountain pipeline will be heavily discussed.

“We are very pleased with the pipeline announcement, that’s great but that’s not the end of the road, we need pipelines in every direction not just one direction.”

He notes they’re not planning on sharing the same message from past talks but want to continue to highlight the needs for the energy sector and the communities that rely on them.

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