MLA’s Yao And Goodridge Give Thoughts On ‘Spring of Renewal’

With the “Spring of Renewal” all wrapped up,  the United Conservative Party has been busy since coming into power.

Over the seven-week course of the ‘Spring of Renewal’, the United Conservative Party introduced and passed 13 bills, while 55 platform commitments have been either fully implemented or are well underway.

MLA for Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche Laila Goodridge tells Mix News one of the most impactful Bills to the region will be the Act to Repeal the Carbon Tax.

“We cut the Carbon Tax, which is going to save Alberta families as much as $1,150 per year. So, that’s fantastic. I’ve had lots of people approach me on the streets, thanking me for standing up for the constituents of my riding and helping to get rid of it.”

The Act to Repeal the Carbon Tax, otherwise known as Bill 1, will also save up to $4,500 for small businesses

MLA for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo Tany Yao also chimed in on the session, describing the past few months as ‘intense.’

He says thanks to the UCP, there are numerous initiatives underway that will assist not only Albertans, but small businesses as well.

“Things like the personal income tax stuff, we heard from a lot of small businesses and having more of an introductory wage – we think will help with a lot of service industries. So, again in our communities – that will have a big impact as well.”

In addition, the UCP set the record for most tax relief by any Alberta government in a single session of the legislature.

Goodridge notes since the session began, the UCP’s have also lowered the corporate tax rate to 11 per cent.

“Many small businesses have also thanked us for getting rid of the carbon tax as well as lowering the business tax rate – which allows businesses to grow. We now have the lowest corporate tax rate in all of Canada.”

The UCP has also recently launched a red-tape website that has already been visited more than 10,000 times and has led to nearly 1,800 ideas from Albertans.

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