People’s Party of Canada Leader Pays Visit To Fort McMurray

The country’s newest political party is looking to make inroads in our region and across the province.

The leader of the People’s Party of Canada Maxime Bernier is currently touring Alberta ahead of the fall federal election, which included a stop in Fort McMurray on Monday.

Bernier formed the PPC last fall after narrowly losing to Andrew Sheer in the Conservative leadership race.

He tells Mix News he wanted to start the party as he feels the Conservatives are intellectually and morally corrupt.

“I can call our party a real free market political party, a real “Conservative” political party, because I think that Andrew Sheer right now with the Conservative has said, actually a couple of months ago, that his party is a, ‘centrist and programmatic political party’, with he said, ‘a lot of ideas for a lot of people’. For me, that’s not a Conservative party anymore because you try to please everybody.”

A few of Bernier’s plans if elected is to withdraw from the Paris Accord, replace the Firearms Act, remove interprovincial trade barriers, and use the constitution to get pipelines built.

“And when you do that you have the full responsibility, the full authority, the full jurisdiction, and you can build a pipeline,” said Bernier. “We will also repeal Bill C-69 and C-48, so we’ll do that. That’s important also, because right now if you try to build new infrastructure like a pipeline the process is too long and you won’t have private investment.”

Another change Bernier is promising is reworking the equalization formula.

“A lot of money is coming from here Fort McMurray and it’s going all over the country. The formula is not fair, it is not fair for you in Alberta, it’s not fair for Quebec, also. We must change the formula and it’s under the jurisdiction of the federal government – you can do that with one cabinet meeting.”

Even though the party is less than a year old, Bernier is expecting to have candidates in all 338 ridings in Canada, including Fort McMurray-Cold Lake candidate Matthew Barrett.

Barrett says getting pipelines built and a two-tier healthcare system are a couple of the things he will be pushing for in Ottawa, if elected.

“If it has relevance in federal jurisdiction, I want Fort McMurray to be heard, I want Fort McMurray to be seen in Ottawa, I want Fort McMurray to have the lifted dually truck in the parking lot of Parliament Hill, so they know who we are.”

Residents can meet Bernier and Barrett and learn more about the party during a meet and greet at the Stonebridge hotel on Monday, July 8 from 6:30-9:30 p.m.

The federal election is scheduled to take place on or before October 21.

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