Army Tank Outside Royal Canadian Legion Moving To B.C. Museum

An army tank sitting outside the Royal Canadian Legion in Waterways is on the move.

The Chieftain Main Battle Tank was loaned to Branch 165 by resident Jack Cross, however, he has promised it to a museum in British Columbia.

Legion spokesperson Bill Rockwell tells Mix News they’re now looking to replace the tank for a new memorial.

“The Canadian Army now uses the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank and there are still some surplus Leopard 1 left over – some of which are in Edmonton, so what we’re going to try and do is secure one of those.”

Rockwell says the Leopard 1 tanks are already being used as memorials in different parts of the country.

“We’ve initiated the process to see if we can get our hands on one of them. I’d really like to get a runner – in other words, one that works.”

There’s no word on how long that process could take.

In the meantime, the Legion still has its Lav III Armoured Vehicle Monument.

The light armoured vehicle was used by our Canadian Armed Forces and serves as a symbol to those who served and sacrificed.

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