FMPSD Developing Space Program For High School Students

The dream of sending something into space could become a reality for some students in the Fort McMurray Public School District.

The FMPSD is currently working on developing a space academy program for their high schools where students would look to create a satellite and launch it out of our atmosphere.

Director of Information Technology and Digital Communications Ali Syed tells Mix News this will help encourage students to take an interest in subjects such as science and math.

He says they hope the program leaves a lasting impression on students as they take the next step in their lives.

“In reality, you could have somebody at one of our amazing high schools come in Grade 11 and as they graduate the cornerstone of their relationship with our school district was they put something out in space.”

In the program, students would be asked to think of something they would like to measure and how they would do it.

Afterwards, they would learn about the process of getting their approvals in order before constructing the satellite and launching it into space.

“Maybe the spark turns that student into thinking Elon Musk did this but I’m going to do this,” said Syed.

The program would be offered for grade 10 and 11 students and is expected to be a two-year project.

Meanwhile, Syed says they’re unsure if any other school district in Alberta offers a program like this. If there are, he’s hoping they reach out so they can learn more about their academy.

“Maybe we have a good old fashioned space race just with Alberta students to see who gets it up first.”

The FMPSD is planning to reach out to the public to get their opinions on the possible program before making it official.

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