Mild and Dry Summer Expected For Wood Buffalo

Summer has finally hit Wood Buffalo.

Friday marked the seasonal change after we experienced a very mixed spring full of rain, sun, and many temperature changes.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Dan Kulak tells Mix News we’ll have to wait a couple days before we can start to enjoy some summer weather.

He says we can expect showers into early next week.

“It’s kind of a dampish pattern for the next few days after that into the early part of next week where finally by Tuesday or so we return to a more of a drier pattern with temperatures in the low twenties.”

After this, rain could become a rare sight over the summer.

Kulak adds they’re forecasting Wood Buffalo to experience a pretty dry couple of months.

“Milder than normal and also drier than normal, so kind of a warm, dry summer is the indication that we’re looking at.”

He notes there’s always the chance we could experience a couple days here and there full of rain which will also help during wildfire season.

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