Tanker Ban Bill Gets Final Approval From Senate

Bill C-48 is moving forward after being approved by Canada’s Senate.

Also known as the tanker ban bill, it would prohibit tankers carrying more than 12,500 metric tonnes of oil from docking along B.C.’s north coast to the Alaska border.

Many have spoken out against the ban including Mayor Don Scott, who noted it’s another barrier to get our product to market, and Alberta Senator Doug Black.

In a previous interview with Mix News, Black said this is really a ban on the oilsands itself and nothing else.

“Cruise ships, cargo ships, ferries, you name it – it’s not even subtle, it’s an attack on Alberta.”

He adds this also feels like an attack on Wood Buffalo.

“It’s discriminatory, it’s prejudicial, and no responsible federal government should be attacking a region in this way.”


The Senate Committee on Energy and the Environment had recently brought forward a report urging the bill be defeated, however, it was rejected.

Bill C-48 is now moving forward toward royal assent.

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