GoA Challenging Federal Carbon Tax in Court

The provincial government is planning to challenge the federal carbon tax in court.

The GoA announced on Thursday they had filed a reference to the Alberta Court of Appeal noting they believe the tax undermines their constitutional power to manage their own natural resources, economy, and greenhouse gases emissions plan.

“The federal carbon tax is a clear invasion of Alberta’s jurisdiction – it is all economic pain for no environmental gain,” said Premier Jason Kenney, in a release.

“This federal cash grab will only punish Albertans for heating their homes and driving to work. We are keeping our commitment to defend Alberta taxpayers.”

The federal government announced last week that the price on pollution would apply as of January 1st. Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says Alberta has to be apart of the plan as we have the highest emissions in Canada.

The tax currently stands at $20 a tonne and is set to rise to $50 a tonne by 2022.

This follows the provincial government’s plan to scrap the provincial carbon tax which had been introduced by the previous government.

“Our government believes that imposing a carbon tax on Albertans is not constitutionally viable and infringes on our province’s authority to make policy choices within our own jurisdiction,” added Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General.

The GoA adds the federal tax could erase around 6,000 jobs and take $2.4 billion out of “Albertans’ pockets.”

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