Salvation Army Dealing With Funding Struggles

The Salvation Army is struggling to raise funds to keep their programs up and running.

The organization is dealing with funding cuts which includes $75,000 from the United Way of Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo after they failed to reach their community campaign goal.

Over the weekend, the Salvation Army held the first annual Christmas in June event, however, they didn’t reach their $20,000 fundraising goal. They were able to raise around $15,000 which was just a little more than the costs needed for the event.

Major Stephen Hibbs tells Mix News they’ve had to get rather creative with the money they do have.

“We’ve had to do some internal juggling to continue the services that we have, we’ll continue to do that where we need to.”

One of the programs being impacted is their All Persons Mat-ter program.

People who are living on the streets can get access to a shower, food, a safe place to sleep, clothes, a haircut, while getting the opportunity to visit with public health nurses and discuss other services that could help.

“We’re going to continue to offer the services that we do and at the same time do some brainstorming as to how we can replenish our coffers with this cut,” added Hibbs.

He notes this program isn’t running at a full 100 per cent but is very close. However, he doesn’t know how long the Salvation Army can keep this up without more funds.

Meanwhile, the organization is planning for possible future cuts.

“We are prepared – we’re dealing with some things internal, how we can regroup, how we can restructure, how we can share work responsibilities.”

People interested in donating to the Salvation Army can reach out to the organization by calling 780-791-3234.

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