Fort McKay Métis Among Indigenous Group Seeking Ownership Of Trans Mountain

The Fort McKay Métis are welcoming the second approval of the Trans Mountain expansion.

On Tuesday, the Federal government green lit the long-awaited pipeline project – but gave no definitive date for the start of construction.

Following the announcement, the Iron Coalition – made up of Indigenous leaders across Alberta, confirmed their stance to invest in an equity stake of the project.

President of the Fort McKay Métis Ron Quintal tells Mix News purchasing the pipeline is a tremendous opportunity.

“We’re not anti-development, we are not Green Peace here,” Quintal said. “We are Indigenous communities who understand the dynamics of energy development and from my perspective, this is a key way to get Indigenous communities out of poverty and less reliant on government funding all around.”

Trans Mountain Pipeline//Photo via: Kinder Morgan

During the Federal announcement, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made no confirmation of when shovels would be in the ground.

Quintal notes no clear timetable is a slight cause for concern.

“Ultimately, at the end of the day, we need definitive dates – we need some definitive timelines so that not just Indigenous communities have some reassurances but that the energy investors around the word have some assurances around looking at future major projects and timelines around those.”

Quintal adds purchasing this project will only be to the benefit of Indigenous communities.

“There is an opportunity there for us to make revenues on that that we can use towards the implementation of services, programs, infrastructure and education for our community members. So, from our perspective, we’re ready, we’re here and we are playing a supportive role.”

100 per cent of the profits generated from the project would go back to members of the coalition.

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