UNESCO Wanting More Work Done To Protect WB National Park

Parks Canada is confirming their stance to continue work to protect Wood Buffalo National Park.

The UNESCO World Heritage Centre released a draft decision on June 7 on the progress made to protect the area noting more work is still needed.

The federal government has been working on conserving the area after multiple reports over the past few years noted the National Park was deteriorating. In 2018, the government also set aside over $27 million in their budget for their action plan.

In a statement, Parks Canada says UNESCO has recognized the work done already.

“The draft decision also welcomes the creation of new Wildland Provincial Parks by the Government of Alberta, which contribute to the conservation of more than 6.7 million hectares of boreal forest, the largest contiguous protected boreal forest in the world.”

The report from UNESCO notes the National Park isn’t currently expected to be put on the List of World Heritage’s in Danger.

“Through these efforts, the Government of Canada is confident that the Outstanding Universal Value of Wood Buffalo National Park World Heritage Site will be preserved so that it remains a treasured place for generations to come.”

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