Council Set To Discuss Possible Work Camp Accommodations

Work camps will once again be the hot topic when Wood Buffalo council meets on Tuesday.

Back in January, they approved the first step of implementing a moratorium on all camps within 75 km of Fort McMurray. As of April 9, these would impact 63 buildings which has around 29,000 people living in them.

Mayor and council will now discuss multiple ideas aimed at increasing industry’s workforce in the community.

This includes possible transportation infrastructure projects that would help improve highway safety and decrease the commute time as well as setting up multiple ‘park and ride’ locations north and south of the community.

These would be desinated areas where workers would drive to before being picked up and driven to site.

Council is also still looking at offering incentives for workers.

The Oil Sands Community Alliance provided a list of possible incentives including relocation expenses, a Fort McMurray uptick allowance, rental assistance program, a mortgage sssistance program, and a one-time housing allowance/down payment of up to $40,000.

They will discuss other topics related to work camps such as turning the Fort McMurray International Airport into a hub for workers, expand community engagement sessions across Wood Buffalo, and ideas to encourage industry seniors to make their headquarters in the community.

Council will meet on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

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