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The “Office” Cast Just Had The Ultimate Reunion!!!

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
The "Office" Cast Just Had The Ultimate Reunion!!!

I have never been more excited for something before but the The Office Cast had a reunion!!!!!!!!

the office party hard GIF

Your eyes are not deceiving you! That is the entire cast (minus Jim and Micheal,) of The Office all together in one place!!!

The gang got together for brunch and KEVIN/BRIAN MADE CHILI!! AND DIDN’T SPILL IT!!!

Although he did try to convince Angela to let him dump it on her head. She said no.


"Thanks Greg for hosting! For those who couldn't make were missed."

Steve couldn’t be there, but tweeted, “Miss you guys.” And John Krasinski retweeted Angela’s pic too!

What a great day!

happy the office GIF


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