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Local Musician Receives $10K To Shoot Music Video

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Local Musician Receives $10K To Shoot Music Video


A Fort McMurray artist is getting a big career boost.

John Ohelo, known as ‘John Dough’, recently received $10,000 from STORYHIVE to shoot a music video.

He was one of 40 selected to get funding out of 221 entries.

Ohelo tells Mix News Fort McMurray was one of the inspirations that drove him to become a musician.

“When I was putting up new music everybody was enjoying it and it helped me to expand to different places and travel around the world.”

The video for the song ‘Clear’ will focus on a ‘beautiful love experience which quickly turns dark.’

Project Lead Steve Van Diest says the idea is to make it seem futuristic.

“We wanted to bring in a couple of different theories that are kind of out there – I wanted to play with the simulation theory that some scientists are throwing out there in terms of if we basically created a virtual reality that we live in.”

The plan is to have the music video done by the first quarter of 2019.

“When you do get these opportunities and you work hard, it’s really awarding,” added Ohelo.

– With Files from Brandon Piper and Elizabeth Priest 

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