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Notley Talks TMX And Appoints Envoys To Close Historical Oil Price Gap

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Notley Talks TMX And Appoints Envoys To Close Historical Oil Price Gap

Premier Rachel Notley talks Trans Mountain pipeline at Oil Sands Discovery Centre, May 31, 2018 // Brandon Piper - Harvard Broadcasting

The provincial government is working to close the historical oil price gap costing our national economy around $84 million per day.

Premier Rachel Notley announced Monday, they are appointing three special envoys – all well versed in the energy sector to work with industry leaders to close the price gap and get Trans Mountain Pipeline built.

The Premier adds she’s not stopping there.

Notley says she’ll be in Ottawa next week to continue to put pressure on the Federal Government and get the pipeline built.

“We’ve erected a handy electronic counter near Parliament Hill that tallies up the damage the price gap is causing the Canadian economy since TMX was stalled by the courts this fall. I’m told by the end of today, that the counter will be at about $6.5 billion.”

The envoys include Robert Skinner, from the University of Calgary, Brian Topp, Notley’s former chief of staff and Deputy Minister of Energy Coleen Volk.

Notley says they’ll begin work immediately to develop short- and medium-term solutions to close the gap.

The Premier says Albertans will not stand for the inability to gain market access any longer.

“We are being treated like a branch plant for the U.S., and it has to stop. Alberta is a world energy leader – with the expertise and ingenuity to make our own gasoline, jet fuels and plastics.”

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