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Suncor Donates Haul Truck To Keyano

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Suncor Donates Haul Truck To Keyano

Photo courtesy of Keyano College

Suncor Energy is giving Keyano College a very unique donation.

The oil company gifted a 797 Cat® Haul Truck last month – a vehicle which had been used to move payloads of oilsands for over 16 years.

The machine, dubbed Truck 113, will be used in Keyano’s Haul Truck and Heavy Equipment Operator programs.

“We saw this as a great opportunity to engage students and support the heavy equipment operator and mechanics programs at Keyano College,” said Mike Agnew, VP, Mining, Suncor’s base plant, in a release.

The haul truck was partially dismantled at the Suncor site before its big move.

Crews from Suncor, Finning Canada, and area companies helped move the giant machine to its new home at night along Highway 63 back on October 13.

“This gift is a reminder of the importance of industry to our region, a valuable teaching aide, and a monument to our partnership with industry,” added Dr Trent Keough, President and CEO of Keyano College.

The post-secondary school is hoping ‘Truck 113’ will help students understand the physical size of these vehicles, while also being an upgrade to their already ‘comprehensive’ simulator.

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