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NLHF’s Gratitude Campaign Nearly Finished, Tuccaro Group Donates $250K

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
NLHF's Gratitude Campaign Nearly Finished, Tuccaro Group Donates $250K

Picture courtesy of the Northern Lights Health Foundation

The Northern Lights Health Foundation is getting closer to completing their $16 million ‘Gratitude Campaign.’

Tuccaro Group put them one step closer after donating $250,000 on Friday.

The funds will go towards the ‘Minimally Invasive Surgical Suites’ project, the largest and last initiative still needing funding.

Executive Director of the NLHF Cindy Amerongen tells Mix News this project is so important to providing quality healthcare in the region.

“It’s a total renovation of how surgery is done here in Fort McMurray, it’s going to be life changing for people.”

The NLHF believes the upgrade will help their highly skilled surgeons to be more precise and efficient in the surgical suite, while also adding possibly 500 surgeries each year.

Founder, President and CEO of Tuccaro Group Dave Tuccaro says the donation will hopefully help the hospital improve their already efficient services.

“Wherever you come from around the country to work in Fort McMurray, somewhere along the way, you or your friend or a family member is going to have to use this hospital.”

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters, Amerongen notes this donation means the campaign is now 93 per cent, needing around $400,000 to complete.

She adds they¬†believe there’s a chance they could finish the campaign by the end of November, and if not, sometime in December.

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