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Municipality Looking To Schedule Meeting With Province To Discuss Moccasin Flats

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Municipality Looking To Schedule Meeting With Province To Discuss Moccasin Flats

Photo via RMWB

The municipality is taking the next step in finding a way to reconcile with the Indigenous people affected by the events of Moccasin Flats.

Wood Buffalo council held a special meeting on Wednesday where they heard the McMurray Métis’ recently released report into what truly happened in the area now occupied by the Syncrude Towers.

Mayor Don Scott passed a motion to have a letter sent to the provincial Minister of Indigenous Affairs Richard Feehan asking to schedule a meeting to discuss future plans on remedying the past injustice.

“They can determine who they believe is appropriate to attend such a meeting for the purpose of discussing what can go forwarded.”

In the report, it highlights the municipality and Syncrude as the key reasons for the destruction of multiple homes on Moccasin Flats. It also says the provincial government did virtually nothing to help – only providing temporary housing situations.

“To bring this to closure, we need everybody from one side who actually brought this harm to people, including us,” added Councillor Keith McGrath. “We need to identify who the parties are.”

Meanwhile, multiple examples of ways to formally apologize and make amends were presented in the report.

This includes compensation to the affected families, a monument or cultural centre on the land, cultural education, and a land transfer.

Councillor Mike Allen notes they just don’t have all the information they need, right now, to find a path to reconciliation.

“To me, there are some key pieces missing for us to determine the appropriateness and how we move forward – and that’s discussions with other partners that were involved.”

The McMurray Métis note they also have a future meeting scheduled with Minister Feehan.

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