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Anzac Community Hall Given 90 Days To Reassess Damage To Building

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Anzac Community Hall Given 90 Days To Reassess Damage To Building

Photo by: Brandon Piper//Harvard Broadcasting

It looks like one of Anzac’s community staples is getting one more chance to keep its doors open.

Council met Saturday in the rural hamlet for a special meeting – where they mulled over potential options regarding the future of the Anzac Community Hall and heard from local delegates.

Back in June, the RMWB recommended demolishing the hall due to mold and structural damage.

Administration put forward four options; the first would be a continued renovation, the second would be a demolition and construction process, option three would see it demolished and the land sold back to the community for a nominal fee – while the fourth suggests demolition and relocation to the Anzac Recreation Centre.

The latter option was not overly well-received by delegates in attendance – who pointed to the community hall’s historical and cultural significance.

President of the Willow Lake Community Association Darryl Woytkiw says they would like to see the municipality turn the hall over to the community.

“Along with a contribution of $1 million, this would allow us to move forward with our own plans of obtaining a second assessment and making our own decision on either renovating or tearing the building down.”

Woytkiw feels in an effort to keep the hall’s doors open – he’d like Anzac to be able to do its own independent assessment.

“All we ask is that it is only fair that the community itself has the opportunity to get a second assessment done at no cost to the municipality and with an open mind to consider a new option.”

That’s the option council approved.

Mayor Don Scott tells Mix News the 90-day assessment is the best course of action for the community.

“They had a lot of different options on the table. So, we had a lot of choices on the table before us. I think we made the decision that makes the most sense. It’s really a first-step decision. So, there’s going to be a re-assessment done, which is paid for, not by the municipality, but a third party and then we go from there.”

Other residents pointed out that the hall’s main uses include community gatherings including, dinners, weddings, funerals etc., and other such activities that most felt would be inappropriate to host in the Recreation Centre.

Council plans to reconvene in Anzac following the third-party investigation before making a final decision on the hall.

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