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Municipality Celebrates Opening Of Conklin Multiplex And Anzac Fire Hall

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Municipality Celebrates Opening Of Conklin Multiplex And Anzac Fire Hall

Photo courtesy: Regional Recreation Corportation

The highly-debated Conklin Multiplex has officially opened its doors.

RMWB council gathered in the rural hamlet Saturday morning for an official ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony for the $50 million facility.

The project has been a hot-button issue since 2012, particularly because of its considerable price as many felt the cost was unjustified for the community of Conklin’s size.

“It was approved by the last council and we need to look forward and not backward. The facility is built, it is going to serve a lot of people and I believe it is going to be well used,” said Mayor Don Scott.

Scott says while he understands the skepticism, he feels confident it will be utilized to its maximum potential.

“We’ll have to see how it goes, it’s a very big facility down there. But I am hoping the community and surrounding area really utilize it. We have a lot of projects in that area so, I’m optimistic. I’m always optimistic that things are going to be used and we’ll make adjustments as we go forward.”

Councillor Jane Stroud tells Mix News she feels it will also see a lot of traffic from construction and site workers.

“There are seven hundred members that live along highway 881, so, I think having that in Conklin – especially with the rink and the weight room – I think it will be utilized by contractors or those that are using in-camp accommodations.”

The multiplex includes a fitness centre, arena, gym, fitness studio, child and youth activity space, elder room, kitchen and meeting spaces along with other accommodations.

It will also provide offices for RMWB rural contacts as well as other community groups.

Anzac Celebrates Its Own Grand Opening Of New Fire Hall

The busy day continued for the council as they took part in a second ribbon cutting to celebrate the grand opening a new fire hall in Anzac.

Stroud says the new fire hall gives residents proper fire protection – all through the region.

She notes the extra space was something Anzac firefighters desperately needed.

“When they came to council, they said they can receive up to 300 calls per year and they need space for not only their equipment but also to train their firefighters.”

Mayor Scott echoes that sentiment.

Bo Cooper Memorial outside new Anzac Fire Hall. Photo by: Brandon Piper//Harvard Broadcasting

“It’s going to serve this region for years and years so, we’re really pleased with it. The fire hall is extremely busy and the people who volunteer are amazing and certainly reinforce the idea┬áthat this is deeply necessary to have this new hall.”

It’s the first time in 30 years that Anzac firefighters have had a new home base.

During the ceremony, a plaque was also unveiled, honouring fallen firefighter Bo Cooper – who passed away in November 2016 due to leukemia.

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