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Discussions Being Had About Twinning and Lights on Highway 881

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Discussions Being Had About Twinning and Lights on Highway 881

Smoke outside of Janvier, May 24, 2018 // Elizabeth Priest - Harvard Broadcasting

Discussions are being had to look into improving Highway 881.

Talks are taking place between the municipality and province about twinning the road that connects Fort McMurray and the RMWB’s southern rural hamlets.

Mayor Don Scott tells Mix News this is a must-have as the route can be very dangerous.

“That’s something I feel is very important – anybody that’s traveled that road realizes how important it is.”

In an email sent to Mix News, Alberta Transportation Spokesperson Wayne Wood says a corridor management plan has been completed for the highway. This includes looking into passing and climbing lanes.

Along with twinning the road, Scott adds they’re also trying to get lights put up to make the highway even safer during the night.

“There’s a lot of work that is done into the south – there’s a lot of industry, so we need to make sure people who drive on that road are safe.”

Despite the want for both, there are no current plans to update the road as funding hasn’t been put into the province’s construction program – as of yet.

“When making budget decisions for infrastructure we must consider the overall infrastructure needs of the entire province,” added Wood.

Meanwhile, this is one of many projects the municipality is lobbying the province for.

As the provincial election is fast approaching, Scott notes this is an important time to try and squeeze any funds they can.

“It’s a critical time for municipalities to make sure they’re twisting the arms of the province and getting the recognition they need for the services that they need for their region.”

Other projects include the East Clearwater Highway, midwifery services, and adding guardrails on overpasses.

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