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Westwood Named Second Greenest School In Canada

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Westwood Named Second Greenest School In Canada

Photo by: Brandon Piper

A Fort McMurray high school continues to lead the way in environmental innovation.

Through its many green initiatives, Westwood High School has been named the second greenest school in the country by the Canada Green Building Council.

Westwood teacher John Dulku, who leads the school’s environmental club and green initiatives, tells Mix News his students have been working to create an aquatic ecosystem in their class – using only solar power.

“We’re still working on the last bit of it but we have the plant wall running, we have the aquarium. We just need to stabilize the food that grows in the aquarium so that the fish we’re going to have there can eat it and have a sustainable ecosystem with almost no carbon footprint.”

Westwood is also the first school in the city to host a pilot program for recycling as well as use green initiatives such as solar panels, greenhouses and rainwater harvesting.

They are also one of the first school’s to have automatic water bottle filling stations – which has had more than 25, 000 fills since being installed.

Dulku says they are hoping their new project can notch them greenest school in 2019.

“We’re trying to turn waste plastic like hangers and containers into 3-D printing filament, trying to recycle and turn that into mini-objects like a wind-turbine and try to prove that you can cancel out the carbon footprint of making like a little wind turbine.”

Westwood’s second-place finish ranks behind just Lacombe Composite and Trinity College in Port Hope, Ontario – who came in a tie for first.


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