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Proposed Bylaw Affecting Airport Taxi Rates Put On Back Burner

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Proposed Bylaw Affecting Airport Taxi Rates Put On Back Burner

Penny Skinner of Sun Taxi. Photo by: Brandon Piper//Harvard Broadcasting

A bylaw that would see a fee charged to taxi drivers – be switched to affect the customer, will have to wait a couple of months before coming to fruition.

Council met Tuesday to discuss the “Vehicle for Hire” Bylaw – which proposes the $3 fee affecting drivers at the airport – be charged back to the person or people requesting the cab.

After voicing some concerns and citing more information needed – the council voted to defer the motion to their October meeting.

Manager of Sun Taxi, Penny Skinner tells Mix News the fees are not uncommon at other international airports.

“Look at Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Grand Prairie,” Skinner said. “All of them charge the fee and it’s all passed on to the customer. When you go to Edmonton and take a cab at night, you pay a $7.70 fee for taking it after 10 p.m. – it’s a fee that happens.”

Skinner adds they’d also like to see a $200 surcharge if a clean up of a taxi is required – due to the actions of the passengers.

The bylaw would also see a $5 surcharge for a trip beginning and ending in the Urban Service Area and $10 surcharge from the Rural Service Area – if a van is requested.

Councillor McGrath wonders if it makes sense for customers to pay more than they already do for cabs. Photo by: Brandon Piper//Harvard Broadcasting

Skinner feels content with the council’s decision to continue deliberation but notes there needs to be more communication between the airport and council.

“There needs to be somewhere for 500 drivers to go. There’s no taxi committee, bylaw can’t help – their hands are tied by the RMWB. So, it comes back to council and council must answer to 500 drivers – ‘where can we go for help?’ And that’s what we’re asking for.”

The purpose of the fee would allow the airport to recover some of the costs associated with allowing drivers to use their heated washrooms, a secured paved lot for cabs waiting in the corral as well as season maintenance.

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