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“Albertans are angry, I’m angry” Alberta Leaving Federal Climate Plan Over Setback in Trans Mountain

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
“Albertans are angry, I'm angry" Alberta Leaving Federal Climate Plan Over Setback in Trans Mountain

Premier Notley in Fort McMurray speaking about Trans Mountain Pipeline // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

The provincial government is still hopeful construction on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project can restart early in 2019.

The Federal Court of Appeal halted the construction of the project on Thursday after the National Energy Board made a crucial error in defining the scope of the project in their application.

They note the Government of Canada also failed to fully consult with Indigenous groups.

In a statement, Premier Rachel Notley said she and  ‘Albertans are angry’ mentioning the province isn’t taking the decision lightly.

“Every Canadian has a stake in climate action – no one more so than my kids, your kids and the generations who will follow us.”

“But Alberta, and indeed Canada, can’t transition to a lower carbon economy, we can’t build a more just, equal and prosperous society – we can’t do these things if we can’t provide the jobs and prosperity that comes from getting fair value for our resources.

Until the project restarts, Alberta will be pulling itself out from the federal climate plan.

“Without Alberta, that plan isn’t worth the paper it’s written on,” said Notley. “Successive federal governments created the mess we find ourselves in. It was broken in Ottawa and now Ottawa needs to fix it. When Alberta’s economy is held hostage, Canada is not working.”

She says she’s since spoken to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, demanding the federal government take action on the decision.

Notley wants to see Trudeau’s Liberals immediately launch an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, recall an emergency session of Parliament to assert its authority and fix the NEB process to make it clear that marine matters have been and will be dealt with, and continue its work to protect our coast and improve consultations and accommodations with Indigenous peoples.

“This needs to happen. Because [Thursday’s] decision by the courts should put fear in the heart of any government or investor who wants to export non-renewable resources directly from Canada.”

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