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Ron Quintal On Ruling of Metis Nation of Alberta: “No One Wins”

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Ron Quintal On Ruling of Metis Nation of Alberta: "No One Wins"

The President of the Fort McKay Metis is continuing to call out the Metis Nation of Alberta for not acting in the interests of its people.

This following a court ruling by Alberta’s Queen’s Bench that illustrated division between the MNA and local Metis communities – who are frustrated with how the Nation has handled engagement with industry.

Ron Quintal tells Mix News he feels the MNA has been treating itself as a club –  and not as a nation.

“We are referencing the current leadership and what they’ve accomplished from their behaviour. From our perspective, we are highlighting something we believe will hinder the MNA and all I am trying to do is make sure members understand all I am doing is offering an alternative.”

Current MNA president Audrey Poitras says in a release that despite the opinions of the Fort McKay Metis – “they believe this to be a victory for their organization.”

Poitras says that they are in fact a Métis Nation government that bases their mandate on input received from citizens.

Quintal, who’s running to be the MNA’s next President in September, feels because the organization requires membership – it doesn’t act in the interests of all Metis.

“If I am to be elected, we’d move away from the association into a governance with citizenship cards which we would work with the provincial and Federal governments to ensure those cards are actual government ID’s. And I feel that is our ultimate goal to legitimize the Metis Nation.”

Quintal believes the ruling ultimately doesn’t help either side.

“My biggest issue with this is it absolutely will hurt us with industry and government relations going forward. Especially for those communities who operate as locals who are affiliates of the MNA. Those are the ones that will feel it first hand.”

Quintal adds if he’s elected as new President of the MNA – he would draft a constitution for the organization and work to ensure all Metis receive proper citizenship.