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Additional Taxi Fees Possibly Coming

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

You could be paying more for using a taxi in the near future.

Wood Buffalo council is looking into¬†amending their ‘Vehicle for Hire Bylaw’ which would give drivers more financial security.

This would make passengers pay the $3.00 service fee charged to drivers. The fee was put in place to give drivers access to a heated bathroom and paved parkways.

An additional $5.00 surcharge would also be added for people who request a van from the airport to Fort McMurray and $10.00 to the rural hamlets.

Passengers would also need to pay an extra $200.00 if the drivers needs to clean their vehicle because of the actions by the occupant. Before, the fee was $75.00.

Council will discuss fully amending the bylaw when they come back from summer recess.

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