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Thickwood Homes Experiencing Sewer Backups

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Some residents in Thickwood are dealing with some backed up sewers.

Since Monday, the municipality says they received seven complaints from residents living on Rose Bay.

They note a blockage, composed of grease and debris, restricted flow in the main sewer line causing the high volumes of waste to enter the sewer.

So far, underground services have cleared the blockage and have flushed the line. To make sure a situation like this never happens again, the municipality has been working on the ‘Thickwood Perimeter Sewer Project’ which will provide a long-term solution by upsizing storm and sewer lines.

If your home was impacted, the municipality recommends you call your insurance company to see about the possibility of any financial support. Before throwing anything away, residents must document the damages so insurance providers can do a full assessment.

Drinking water testing is also necessary for any homes that had their water meter submerged under the sewer water.

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