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McMurray Métis Sign MOU To Combat Housing Crisis

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
McMurray Métis Sign MOU To Combat Housing Crisis

Back row left-right: Gary Boostrom, Kelly Myers, Trudie-Ann Plamondon, Peter Hansen, Cindy Punko, Leonard Hansen Front row: Henry Hunter, Gail Gallupe // WBHDC

Another local Indigenous group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Wood Buffalo Housing.

The McMurray Métis is the fourth to sign the agreement in an effort to approve housing conditions and find long-term sustainable solutions that will benefit the community.

The Fort McKay MétisMétis Nation of Alberta Local 125 Fort Chipewyan, and Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee have all signed MOU’s in last several months.

In a release, President Gail Gallupe says they’ll complete a housing needs assessment to address gaps in program and service delivery.

“Together we will complete our housing needs assessment and bring these issues forward to the municipality, the province, and other groups associated with safe and affordable housing for the Métis community.”

An affordable housing action plan is now being developed, which will outline short and long-term actions required to address affordable housing concerns.

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