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Summer Break: How Long ’til Parents Lose It?

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Summer Break: How Long 'til Parents Lose It?

According to a new study of 2000 parents, the average length of time before parents start to lose their minds during summer break is 13 days. Less than two weeks and they want summer to be over. Sound about right?

Some other stats:

-58% of parents feel pressure to plan out their kids’ summer break entirely

-64% of parents feel they’ve let their child down because of something one of their kids’ friends experienced

-parents will spend an average of $7333.80 on giving their kids a good time

-70% of parents say the number one way to get kids outside is a trip to a water or amusement park

-meanwhile 75% of parents don’t feel ready for kids to go back to school after summer’s over


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