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Condo Board Charging Members $20K For Information Meeting

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Condo Board Charging Members $20K For Information Meeting

Hillview Condo Complex in Abasand // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

A group of condo owners are looking for answers and it seems the cost is $20,000.

Around 30 residents of the Hillview Park Condominium, located in Abasand, have been asking their board for information on the rebuild since March – getting little to no response.

“We’re just asking for basic information,” said Becky Benoit, Hillview resident. “We want to know if our build is on schedule, how far behind it is, if it’s on budget, we also want to know the terms of the loan the board has brought out in our name.”

The neighbourhood was devastated by the Horse River Wildfire, as only 14 of the 214 units survived.

The build has faced multiple problems including a lawsuit by the previous company hired to reconstruct the complex.

After voting to request a meeting, Hillview scheduled one, getting the owners to contribute a combined $20,000. This accumulates to roughly $100 per person, however, Benoit says that some are having tough times being able to justify that.

“They’re charging us for a two-hour meeting just to find out the status of our build and when we’ll be back in our homes.”

In an email obtained by Mix News, the Hillview Board says the money will be used ‘to cover the cost of legal, room rental, audio equipment, security, management services, registered mail to lenders, and pulling copies of titles.’

The email adds they’re asking the owners to pay because the meeting wasn’t apart of the 2017/18 operating budget.

“We’ve never been charged for a meeting before, we’re entitled to information,” added Benoit.

She believes the board is also looking to divide the ownership, as each would need to contribute despite potentially not wanting the meeting.

“They’re annoyed at us and those of us who asked for it, we’re ok to pay, we just believe the $20,000 is an outrageous sum.”

Instead of hosting the meeting, Benoit says the board could easily just cancel it and just send out the information, saving everyone money.

Mix News reached out to Hillview to see whether these costs line up with past meetings but didn’t receive a response.

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