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Legion’s Afghanistan Memorial Vandalized

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Legion's Afghanistan Memorial Vandalized

Image shows monument during the unveiling in October - prior to the vandalism. Photo by: Brandon Piper

The local Royal Canadian Legion is looking for answers after a war memorial on their property was vandalized.

Early Monday morning it was discovered someone had thrown white paint over the LAV III statue – a vehicle once used by troops in Afghanistan.

“Basically, something that says to our Afghan vets, all our vets, that they are important, that what they did¬†mattered,” said Bill Rockwell,¬†Communications Officer of Branch 165.¬† “So to me, this is just barbarism, there’s no excuse for it, there’s no rationale for it that would make sense to any sane person.”

Rockwell tells Mix News, simply put, it’s a despicable and cowardly thing to do.

“It does nothing for anybody, its mindless want and destruction for no reason.”

In a release, President Pat Duggan says they’re hoping the person or people responsible turn themselves over to the proper authorities.

Rockwell adds he’s unsure right now how much it’ll cost to repair the monument.

RCMP have also been notified.