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Three Men Arrested Following ALERT Investigation In Fort McMurray And Edmonton

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Three Men Arrested Following ALERT Investigation In Fort McMurray And Edmonton

An arsenal of weapons has been confiscated following an ALERT investigation in Fort McMurray and Edmonton.

The investigation which began in fall of 2017, involved many police agencies including ALERT Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo RCMP and resulted in three arrests.

On May 18, two brothers, Ryan and Alexander Kurkut – both 27-years-old – were arrested in Edmonton and are jointly facing 38 charges.

An associate, 26-year-old Nicholas Moores was arrested in Fort McMurray and is facing similar charges.

At the time of his arrest, he was carrying a loaded 9mm handgun, and in his possession, he had a reportedly stolen loaded .22-calibre handgun, another handgun, a load .223-calibre SKS rifle with an over-capacity magazine, a bulletproof vest with ballistic plates and drug trafficking paraphernalia.

Additional firearms were found in his Edmonton home.

Moores faces 23 firearm related charges.

The brothers’ charges include multiple firearms offences as well as the possession of forged identity documents.

Their ties with organized crime resulted in the seizure of a home in southwest Edmonton – and a storage facility containing multiple weapons.

The weapons seized include a Remington .223-calibre rifle, a Norinco Type 97 5.56-calibre rifle with the serial number removed, a Norinco M14 .308 calibre rifle, a Springfield XDM 9mm handgun also with no serial number and a threaded barrel, a suppressor, two-over capacity magazines, 64 rounds of ammunition and fraudulent identity documents.

Both brothers already have lifetime firearm bans stemming from previous convictions.

They have been released from custody and will be in court on June 13.

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