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Google Translate Has A Easter Egg Making Fun Of Flat-Earthers

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

By now you’ve heard that there are real people in the world that think the Earth is actually flat and that NASA has been hiding the truth from us for years. Even though people knew the earth was round as early as ancient Greece, the theory has managed to get weirdly popular. Turns out Google isn’t here for it, they hid an easter egg in Google Translate that is just too good.

First, type “I am a flat-earther” into the translate bar and translate it to French

Seems innocuous enough right? Well if you speak French then you already get the joke

I just hope that there was at least one flat-earther in the world who needed that translation and to this day has no clue what he actually said.

Know any other Google Translate easter eggs? Tell us in the comments!


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