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Community Code Day A Smash With Coding Community

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Community Code Day A Smash With Coding Community

Arts and Culture was the theme for the Inaugural Community Code Day at Fort McMurray’s first-ever technology conference.

Hosted at Keyano College by the BrainSTEM Alliance, the Wood Buffalo Regional Innovation Network and YouthComputing, the conference included workshops about web development, as well as autonomous haul systems.

Program Administrator for the Regional Innovation Network Evan Dizak tells Mix News the event ran more smoothly than they could’ve expected with about 100 people attending the inaugural event.

“With the great turnout we had this year, we are really looking forward to making this bigger and better and from Keyano’s perspective, seeing such interesting coding – we’re actually looking into adding more coding and computer programming courses to the college to further their education.”

Dhvani Patel is Co-President of YouthComputing and he along with his partner Dhruv Patel are trying to turn Fort McMurray into a hub for innovation and technology.

“I remember when Dhruv and I were in grade 7, we would go to Edmonton for science conferences and so since our goal is to make Community Code Day in the future bigger and better and just have like a technology conference sort of all over Alberta. Maybe have people from Calgary come to Fort McMurray.”

Dhvani adds that it was interesting seeing coders and artists come together and co-exist to design pieces for the hackathon competition.

Meanwhile, Dhruv says after seeing the turnout and hearing mostly positive feedback – he’s delighted by the community’s interest in coding.

“People have come out to compete, see the workshops or the speaker series. Those have both been pretty great and the coding part has also been amazing but more than that – the artists’ collaboration has been fantastic so, hopefully, it continues into next year.”

Both YouthComputing Co-Presidents, as well as Dizak, believe this is only the beginning of innovative and technology filled conferences such as these in the RMWB.

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