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AER Approves Short-Term Tailings Plans For CNRL Mines

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
AER Approves Short-Term Tailings Plans For CNRL Mines

The Alberta Energy Regulator is approving two tailings management plans for mines north of Fort McMurray.

The applications for Canadian Natural Resources Limited’s Muskeg River Mine and Jackpine Mine received passing grades for their short-term management of fluid tailings.

In two separate reports released on Thursday, the AER says they don’t have the same confidence for either mine in the medium and long-term.

The report says there are uncertainties with their future production, the companies ability to deal with fluid tailings ponds, and their treatment technology is inadequate.

CNRL will need to submit an amendment application for the Muskeg River Mine by September 30, 2021.

They will get an additional year for the Jackpine Mine.

CNRL also has no plans to expand their bitumen production at the Jackpine mine which is expected to increase the life date from 2052 to 2105.

Last year, the AER also approved tailings management plans for CNRL’s Horizon Mine.