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Recent Warm Weather A Sign Of Things To Come For Summer Months

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Recent Warm Weather A Sign Of Things To Come For Summer Months

The recent warm weather hitting the region could be a common occurrence throughout the summer.

That’s according to Dave Phillips, Senior Climatologist with Environment Canada.

He tells Mix News the next few months will be warmer than normal with little precipitation leading to dry conditions.

“That’s great for beer drinking and for muscle shirts and tank tops but when you get warmer you need precipitation and the unfortunate¬†thing is we’re not seeing any mechanisms that could bring that needed moisture.”

Since January, Phillips says the RMWB has only received half the expected amount of precipitation, which is becoming a concern for some.

“If the temperatures continue, that will create a growing issue.”

Phillips adds people shouldn’t be too concerned right now as the weather can still change.

As for the next couple of days, the temperature could creep over 30 degrees, around 12 degrees hotter than normal.

“There’s a little bit of humidity so it is a little uncomfortable but it is clearly months earlier than what you’d expect in northern Alberta.”

Tuesday and Wednesday also broke 70-year-old records as the previous hottest marks were 29.4 degrees in 1948. Phillips notes Thursday could make it three straight days of record-setting weather.

“Three days in a row with temperatures which you’d typically get in the dog days of summer.”

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