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Wood Buffalo RCMP Announce 2018 Policing Priorities

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Wood Buffalo RCMP Announce 2018 Policing Priorities

Wood Buffalo RCMP is taking input received from residents in a recent survey and putting it into action.

The Mounties identified its annual policing priorities on Friday, after seeking feedback from the public in an online survey they conducted in March.

“Based on public feedback, our focus this year will be on traffic safety, crime reduction, domestic violence and drugs,” said Superintendent Lorna¬†Dicks.

The four priorities that were identified each had underlying objectives.

For traffic safety, the RCMP is looking at an increase in impaired driving charges, more patrols to support school zone enforcement, as well as an increase in Standard Field Sobriety Training.

Crime reduction notes an increase in compliance checks for habitual offenders, more community and school engagement and to establish one citizen lead Rural Crime Watch in rural communities.

Domestic violence entails RCMP providing educational community presentations and continual monitoring of domestic violence offenders on high-risk domestic violence files.

As for drugs, the Mounties says they will be increasing trafficking charges and providing more drug awareness and prevention educational community presentations.

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